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2021 IVC First Place: “Market by Macy’s” (In-Store Apparel Presentation)

Engaging signage takes spotlight in smaller format of Macy’s shopping experience.




MARKET BY MACY’S, a concept created by Macy’s (New York), is a more curated and exploratory version of the storied company’s typical effort.

“The main challenge of the Market by Macy’s project was balancing the traditional notions of the scale of a Macy’s shopping experience with the new Market brand outlook via a smaller format,” says Robyn Novak, VP, Nelson Worldwide.

Applying a department store-minded approach to a specialty experience, flexible merchandise displays accommodate seasonal stories and changing themes, an important aspect of the visual merchandising program, as the store is intended to be community driven and features a range of direct-to-consumer products, local apparel and home goods, as well as Macy’s own brands. (The store also features a concierge service and café.)

“Dynamic environmental graphics engage shoppers and complement the local neighborhood,” says Novak. “Unique amenities and experiential moments compose the space, inspiring consumers to engage with others and the products as they shop.”

Other notable visual elements, like feature walls and brand story cards, help shoppers connect with local brands and merchandise through storytelling, Novak explains. Some of the furniture items and fixtures throughout the space were also found objects repurposed for use in the store.

“Macy’s overall customer demographic is diverse, and The Market speaks to a blend of shopping styles,” she says. “Offering signature merchandise categories – for him, her, family, and home – the store has something for everyone with carefully choreographed cross merchandising to create a lifestyle destination.”


Photography: Steve Wrubel, Dallas

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