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2021 Retail Renovation Competition – First Place: “Tempur-Pedic, New York”

A former retail bank, the space now delivers a multi-sensory experience with access to nature



Conversion, Specialty Store, Sales Area Under 10,000 Square Feet

Submitted by: CallisonRTKL, Baltimore

Scope of Work: Full store conversion from retail bank to Tempur-Pedic showroom.

Project Goals: As the brand’s first showroom in New York City, this flagship intended to impress time-starved, design-savvy clientele.

2021 Retail Renovation Competition – First Place: “Tempur-Pedic, New York”


Unique Challenges: A former bank, the space had soaring 28-foot ceilings and full-height glazing at the exterior. Working within those parameters, the design team from CallisonRTKL sought to create a calming, and semi-private, environment for trying out the company’s bedding. To help accomplish that, they turned the mattress-testing experience into an individual affair via a series of pods equipped with digital screens showing calming scenes that are hung on louvered wood walls. In addition, the pods have lowered ceilings that give the experience “a more human-scale feel,” said CallisonRTKL Principal Paul Conder.

2021 Retail Renovation Competition – First Place: “Tempur-Pedic, New York”


What Sets the Project Apart: Escapism, sustainability, access to nature and multi-sensory experiences were key to designing a unique experience. “Overall, the space is laid out as a series of zones, each of which was curated to spark casual conversations that lead to deeper discussions about the product and its benefits to customers’ physical and mental well-being,” says Laura Lewi, Lead Designer on the project. For example, upon entry, visitors enter an Engage Zone that contains a teaching table, welcome message and a pillow wall. Designed to appear as a residential entry piece, the table contains the tools needed for associates to explain the material benefits, check-in for appointments and complete quick transactions. The other zones are themed as Experience, Cater and Create, respectively.


Photography: Richard Cadan, Fairfield, Conn.



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