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2023 Designer Dozen: Alessandro Legnani




2023 Designer Dozen: Alessandro Legnani
Alessandro Legnani
Age: 34 | Senior Retail Architect, Timberland
Favorite Time of Day: Sunset
Favorite Animal: Every dog on this planet


Alessandro oversees the execution of Timberland’s global retail design direction and standards across Europe, the Middle East and Africa regions. As a Senior Retail Architect, Alessandro leads projects related to store concepts and layouts as well as fixture development. His co-workers describe his hands-on, positive attitude as an added bonus to his adept problem-solving skills and ability to analyze the smallest details of architectural drawings – while also being able to “pull back” and look at projects through a holistic lens. This past year, Alessandro collaborated closely with the global retail design team at Timberland to bring its latest flagship design (that debuted in March 2023) to life.

Through Timberland’s Path of Service program launched in 1992, Alessandro is able to take up to 40 hours of paid time to serve his community. From creating green spaces and restoring playgrounds to supporting inclusivity in the outdoors, Alessandro regularly gives back.

📷: Courtesy of Timberland📷: Courtesy of Timberland

How did you get into retail design?

Since I was a kid, I’ve had a huge passion for buildings and architecture. When I’d walk around the city center of Milan with my parents, I used to stare in astonishment at the historical buildings of my hometown, my eyes lit up with wonder. I continued to follow this passion studying architecture at the Politecinco di Milano. During my last year at the University, I did an internship in an architectural studio where I discovered how amazing it is to create engaging retail experience for consumers.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

There is nothing quite as rewarding as seeing a design project come to life, when all the hard work, planning and creativity that went into the project finally materializes into something tangible. Walking through the store you designed [and] seeing the customers’ reactions always reminds me how powerful design is to enhance and transform people’s lives.


What’s the biggest challenge you face professionally?

The biggest challenge I’ve had during my career at Timberland – which to me is a positive one – is when you have a brand heritage that is rich with storytelling and emotional connection, but at the same time, you need to bring newness and energy. Consumers love Timberland for our authenticity, our work and outdoor heritage, our connection to culture. They’re also looking for that edge and energy that will shape our future. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be at Timberland, as we create store environments that engage our community and showcase the Timberland of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Who or what has been the greatest influence on your work?

The greatest influence for me, both in my work and personal life, has been my grandfather. He has always been a role model for me, shaping my work ethic and career aspirations. Teaching me the importance of hard work, perseverance and staying true to your own values.

My favorite thing to do when I leave the office is…

…drink a glass of wine with my friends.

I find (design) inspiration in…

…everyday life experiences.

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