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5 Points to Consider When Creating a Retail Store Design



A STORE IS A physical extension of the brand. Located strategically and it will lure customers from afar. Designed properly and it will enhance the physical retail experience of consumers. Below are 5 points that retailers need to take into account when designing any type of store, whether it is a flagship store or a shop-in-shop concept.

The Brand’s Positioning

It is important for any retail brands, wanting to enter China or simply create a brand new store to fully understand the brand’s identity and the image that it wants to convey to its targeted customers. What is the brand’s positioning, commercial or luxury? We witnessed a lot of brands changing their positioning and price point when entering the Chinese retail market. What was a premium foreign brand would be promoted as “light-luxury” once established in China, adapting the store’s original visual identity together with factor such as pricing.

Concept of the Store’s Design

Select a few strong characters from the brand that would be reflected throughout the store’s design. This will act as a basis for the design concept. It will also guide the designers to create the perfect mood board, compiling images that best coincide the ambiance and the emotions wished to be expressed into the design of the space.

Having a strong retail design concept that is different from competitors and ideally memorable with the brand’s DNA, are what any team of designers strives to accomplish.

Store’s Floor Plan Layout

What products will the store have? Which of the products need to have a bigger visual merchandise area? Would there be any changes in the future regarding the quantity of products sold? Answering to some of these questions before hand ensures the design team, which you are working with, to come up with the ideal floor plan layout. Allocating the products correctly to the size of the shop can increase customer traffic and maximize the sales of each item. Have a look at our article about The Importance of Measuring Retail Design to know more on how to manage your store’s design potential.

Digital Features in Stores

The retail design field is getting smarter, allowing brands to use digital features in the design of stores. We cannot emphasize that brands wanting to survive long term need to consider technology as a creative way to communicate to customers. Incorporating digital elements needs to bring something fresh and exciting to the store. Giving the purchasing in-store experience a whole new dimension than online shopping. However, when it comes to consumer experience and shopping expectations, online and offline should both go hand in hand – seamlessly communicating the same brand message across all channels.



It may be the last point but it is by far one of the most important points. Have a rough overview of the design and construction cost as well as time required for the project’s completion, however be prepared for any future changes.

Overall the process of designing the perfect retail store can be overwhelming. Work with a team that understands all aspects of the brand, from positioning to marketing strategies. And consider all the above points to create an exceptional physical extension of the brand. Never underestimate the power of retail design!



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