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A Q+A with Reggie Reyes

Target’s senior design lead dishes on retail design, traveling and the makings for a great meal.



What drew you to a career in design?
I’ve always had an interest of how things were put together and that led to how things were designed and how people used or interacted with them. I guess I’m drawn to both the design and sociology aspects of life.

What was your first job in retail?
Selling pizza pies at First Federal Frank & Crust in the St. Louis Galleria, before graduating to the Gap.

What lesson from that first job do you still carry with you today?
Collaboration, creativity and the importance of great ingredients.

What project of yours are you most proud?
The Marshall Field’s State Street Renovation. At the time of the renovation in 2003-2004, Marshall Field’s was part of the Target Corp. and I was a senior store designer in the store planning and design division. Who wouldn’t want to be on the design team to one of retail’s grand dames?

What makes a design great?
Simplicity. The ability to use and understand a product or space without a lot of explanation.

If you could change one thing in a Target store, what would it be?
Better men’s shoe selection.


What’s your response to customers who marvel: “I can’t get out of Target without spending $100!”?
That’s the beauty of great design that comes in all forms, from products that you can’t live without to an amazing environment that you want to linger in.

Where do you go for inspiration?
Whether for work or for pleasure, traveling has always given me the best inspiration. I can be on a street that I use every day or visiting a place for the first time and be inspired by something.

What one thing would your co-workers be surprised to learn about you?
I’m a big foodie. Not just consumption but the process of how meals are created.

Describe your favorite meal.
Summer sunset; Belgian beer; an amazing Malbec; good friends and family; watching them enjoy a great, hearty meal; interesting conversation; and the after-dinner linger.



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