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Carly Hagedon

Caffeine Screen

The immersive environment of Meltino Bar and Lounge




Loff, an architecture and lighting design firm (Braga, Portugal),  gives new meaning to “screened-in” with this immersive space designed for the Braga Parque Shopping Mall (Braga, Portugal). The environment houses Meltino Bar and Lounge and is enclosed by a white screen adorned with stylized cut-outs of coffee beans, allowing some light to infiltrate the space. The screen isn’t just for looks, however – it was created, in part, to identify the brand, owned by Lanhoso-torrefacção Cafés Lda. (Braga, Portugal), a coffee distribution company, as a retreat from the shopping mall’s hustle and bustle. In addition to fabricating a uniquely engaging environment, Loff strove to reinforce the coffee brand’s modern identity.



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