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Dime Bank

Palisades Center, W. Nyack, N.Y.



Developing the “bank of the future” in a mall? That may sound like an oxymoron, but Dime wanted a bank that would work like a typical mall store, taking a retail approach to sales, merchandising, messaging, lighting and finishes. The result? A branch that features new marketing and information technologies, an LED message system and a rear screen-projection system.

And, as part of the paradigm shift from banking hours to mall hours, the banks uses a lighting scheme and signage that says it's open for business during mall hours.

Design: Gensler (New York City branch), San Francisco — John Bricker, design director; Sam Lee, senior associate architect; Barry McCormick, senior associate manager; Amy McGroarty, architect; Rafael Pulido, senior associate designer; William Rice, senior associate technical director; Christian Uhl, architect/designer; Lisa Van Zandt, associate designer/manager Design Consultants: Syska & Hennessy Inc., New York City (mechanical/electrical engineering); Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design Inc., New York City (lighting design) Suppliers: Xibitz, New York City (fixturing); Waldner's, New York City (furniture); Duggal Color Projects, New York City (graphics); Companion Systems, Grand Rapids, Mich. (signage); Philippe Lardy, New York City (wallcoverings) Photographs: Scott Frances, New York City



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