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Frontline Retail Workers Feel Tech Needs are Ignored: Survey

Over two-thirds of workers say technology is crucial to their job





Forty percent of frontline retail workers say their employers do not invest in the technology needs that directly affect their job performance, and 20 percent say they feel technology is a non-priority for their employers, according to a survey released by Scandit, a smart data capture company. 

The survey, which comprised 2000 frontline retail workers across seven countries, discovered that retailers are not providing their employees with up-to-date technology, which is affecting their productivity, motivation and success. 

Over two-thirds of frontline retail workers say their devices and technology are crucial to their job. The ability to multitask and access to product information are the most important capabilities in devices for frontline retail workers. In addition, easy-to-use technology (41 percent) is one of the three top motivators for retail workers, following work-life balance (56 percent) and competitive salaries (54 percent). 

“The retail industry has undergone significant changes over the last few years as businesses continue to navigate the ripple effects of a post-COVID world,” Samuel Mueller, CEO and Co-Founder of Scandit said in the survey’s release. “Increased consumer pressure, operational efficiency requirements, ongoing labor shortages and the advent of AI have required retailers to rethink how they attract, retain and motivate store associates. Our research reveals workers’ concerns and how retailers can optimize technology investments to drive employee loyalty, automate tedious tasks and ultimately boost profitability.”

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