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Hans Boodt Flexfit Program and Redesigned Packaging



Hans Boodt Mannequins has developed a new and innovative fitting line ensuring more usability and better quality.


This unique system is more durable, faster and easier. It all comes together in a creative, innovative new mannequin fitting line system exclusively designed and developed by Hans Boodt Mannequins.

The magnetic system makes it easy to connect the body parts. This magnetic search function ensures that both parts find each other with ease. A click will tell you that the system is locked. The newly designed brushed metal bolt with black rubber edge provides super grip and extra stability. An improved calf hole, with calf hole protection, slides smoothly over the calf pin.

The new Flexfit program comes standard with all Paris positions or as requested.


  • The upper arm easily finds the torso, due to the action of the magnet system.
  • The upper arm is flexible and can be pulled outwards, making it easy to remove fabric that has been caught in between.
  • The arm closure can rotate 360 degrees.


  • The Flexfit system can be used by pushing the legs towards each other.
  • It’s easier to put on trousers.
  • The system can be recognised by the red sticker.
  • The Flexfit system comes standard on wide leg poses or as requested.



  • Protects the calf hole.
  • Slides easily over the calf pin.
  • Ensures the (correct) stability of the mannequin


For all mannequins with the standard Flexfit program, we have redesigned the packaging into a much user friendly box.

This new box contains the following benefits:

  • Neatly packed
  • Faster assembly
  • Protects the product
  • Less waste

Neatly packed without disposable plastic bags. Faster assembly as unpacking takes less time and all items are numbered. Protects the product because the complete packaging and bags for separate parts are made of protective materials which can be used as your working space at the same time. Packaging can be easily folded for storage or later use and is easy to dismantle, thus producing less waste.


If you are interested in this Flexfit program or the redesigned packaging and would like more information, please contact us



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