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Eat, Drink – and be Bold

Part I of VMSD’s 2018 holiday windows recap




2018’s holiday windows, especially in the Big Apple, officially raised the bar on interactivity. According to Tom Beebe, Creative Consultant, Stylist, Window Wizard – a longtime industry veteran and VMSD editorial advisory board member – windows this year were active, animated, and above all else, stimulating. “There was so much ‘fun’ – that was the undercurrent this year,” says Beebe. “People are so used to absorbing technology, they can handle the stimulation; the era of Instagram has led to it. I come from the Gene Moore school of thought where windows were simpler, and with these, you stand there in awe of each one. There’s a huge trend in stimulating street theater.”

The intricacy of the windows helped anchor even the busiest of displays, Beebe says. “Once you get past the stimulation and zoom in to the details amongst all the commotion, it’s incredible,” he says. “You’re rewarded by the details.”

And interactivity and immersion help keep window displays relevant in this new digital age. “Customer-facing interactive [and] immersive concepts have evolved and are playing a major role in window design direction in the last few years,” says Eleanor Smith, VP/Visual Merchandising, Bloomingdale’s (New York). “Especially here at Bloomingdale’s, we love engaging the consumer, creating these impressionable experiences … it gives our consumer a feeling of creative energy and makes them feel good.”

For more holiday windows from VMSD's annual recap, please check throughout the month of February. 

Eat, Drink – and be Bold
"Coach Holiday Party Animals"
Coach, Worldwide
Coach (designed in partnership with Chameleon)
Photography: Melvin Vincent Photography, London
Eat, Drink – and be Bold
"Alice in Wonderland"
Meyer, Melbourne, Australia
John Kerr, Creative & Technical Director, Stage One
Photography: Lucas Dawson, Melbourne, Australia
Eat, Drink – and be Bold
"Flamingo Mountain"
Level Kids, Dubai, U.A.E.
Level Kids Team (Natalie Holland, Taine Abustan, Roberto Chicano, Maria Merino, Mark Bowler)
Photography: Dennis Araniego, Dubai, U.A.E.
Eat, Drink – and be Bold
"Place Vendome"
Selfridge's, London
Holly Wadsworth, Creative Director, HWVisual Ltd.
Photography: Toby/Courtesy of Holly Wadsworth, London
Eat, Drink – and be Bold
"Keep Your Eyes on the Pies"
Ted Baker, London
Photography: Angelika Frank, Munich

"Who-Mongous Holiday Windows"
Bloomingdale's, New York
Bloomingdale's Window Team (John Klimkowski, OVP Visual Merchandising Flagship & Soho; Leigh Ann Tischler, Director Windows and Special In-Store Campaigns; Scott Robinson, Production Stylist and Video Programing, Graphic Design; Laurent Kurz, Fashion Stylist Supervisor and Creative Production; Anthony Negron, Production Stylist and Shop Coordinator, Graphic Design; Todd Mario Voth, Lighting Designer and Creative Stylist, Lifestyling Specialist; G Felix, Costume Designer, Mannequin Specialist, Creative Stylist.)
Photography: Willo Font, New York
Eat, Drink – and be Bold
"Bergdorf Goodies"
Bergdorf Goodman, New York
David Hoey, Senior Director, Visual Presentation
Photography: Victoria Lipov, New York/



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