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How to Give Retail Apparel Shoppers the Experience They Want



It’s a data-driven world. By now you’ve collected insights, facts, and figures about your customers. You know what your buyers want and what gets your shoppers excited. The goal is to use this information to create a more intimate experience with your brand, so buyers come back time and time again.


Is this type of marketing enough to make your customers feel like you’re offering a personalized service? Probably not.


Retailers are uniquely positioned to offer one-on-one service to customers. With mass marketing based on data, messages get lost, and consumers feel ignored.



Today’s buyers are primarily Millennials. This group of younger shoppers makes up more consumers than baby boomers. Despite the age difference both generations want (and demand) the same thing – individualized attention.


Millennials want confirmation that brands are hearing their individual needs and listening to their wants. Does your store do a good enough job of acknowledging individuals tastes for the shoppers in your store?


The answer might be found in a doorbell.



Here is the customer shopping experience more buyers want to have, and how you can leverage technology to give it to them.


Train Your Associates

The interaction with the customer starts from the moment they walk through the door.


For example, before your customer starts to look at clothing, it’s important for them to know help is readily available. Have an associate greet them at the door. Make the introduction and instantly form the relationship. Let them know they have help available when they need it.



Ask Questions

As the shopper starts browsing through the selection of jeans, ask them questions.

  • Do they have something specific in mind?

  • Are they shopping for an event?

  • What’s their favorite cut?

The more you ask them about their personal tastes, the more likely they are to open up. People love talking about themselves. Your customer is the same.


They are excited by the idea of getting a new outfit to wear and want to chat about it with someone who can help – your associate.


Leverage Technology

There comes a point when your customer goes behind a closed door and is out of touch with your associate. When they are trying on their new found outfit options, they are in the privacy of a fitting room. This is the point in their shopping experience where they might need the most help with their selection.


Many retailers rely on the fitting room associate to manage the shopper’s concerns. However, your shopper already has trust built up with the first associate they worked with when they first entered your store.


An Alert Tech call button allows you to link the associate with the shopper. This way, if a different size is needed, a color isn’t quite right, or they want to try a different cut of pants, they can be put in touch with someone who already knows their story.


How Can You Use a Doorbell to Offer White Glove Service?


Today’s customers are accustomed to using technology in their day-to-day life. When you incorporate it in your store to improve their shopping experience, you’re more likely to turn a fan into a loyal shopper.


To learn more about how to add a doorbell, or Alert Tech call to action button, to your store, contact us. Let our high-end service add a little more luxury to your already well-respected brand.



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