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IRDC 2021: Stronger, Better, Smarter …

Take a page from retail’s 2021 post-crisis playbook in Denver, Sept. 21-22.




Interactive Workshop:
The Upside of Upheaval:

Harnessing Our Potential for Resilience from the Inside Out

The events of the past 18 months have thrown many retail operations into extended survival mode, with stores forced to jettison “tried-and-true” practices for new, streamlined processes to manage their business. While the chaos of this forced change has left many industry professionals reeling, others have discovered that they (and their teams) were stronger than expected, and that these unplanned changes created just the shift their business needed to break out.

In this interactive workshop, Lu Hanessian of Integrate Resilience and David Kepron of NXTLVL Experience Design will help you leverage the potential of your untapped resources to transform yourself and your approach to managing crisis and change. With their guidance, you’ll see more clearly how to relinquish what’s not working, get clear on your real needs, and redefine your purpose for 2021 and beyond. Join us!


  • LU HANESSIAN MSc, President, Founder, Integrate Resilience
  • DAVID KEPRON, AIA, LEED, RDI, Founder and Owner, NXTLVL Experience Design

 for IRDC 2021 in Denver, Sept. 21-22!




MasterClass: ‘Re-Sparkling’ Retail: Using Store Design to Build Trust, Faith and Brand Loyalty

HOW CAN WE EMPOWER and inspire senior leaders to see design as an investment for future retail growth? This session, led by retail design expert Ian Johnston from Quinine Design, explores how physical stores remain unmatched in the ability to build trust, faith, and loyalty with your customers, ultimately driving shareholder value.

Presented by:
Ian Johnston
Founder and Creative Director, Quinine Design

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