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Modern Metal Launches Decorative Ceiling Fan Covering

New ready-to-go item available in two designs




(PRESS RELEASE) OAKLAND, CA — Modern Metal, a line of contemporary metal grilles, panels, screen dividers, and door insets by designer Annie Kantor, will introduce its first ceiling fan covering this spring.

Compatible with almost any bathroom fan, the new covering, titled “Elevate,” brings design to the most unexpected of places.

“Elevate” is designed for easy installation, with no screws or tools necessary. It marks the beginning of a new line of ready-to-order products more accessibly priced. These are available directly to consumers and the trade through the studio’s web shop.

Made entirely in the USA, “Elevate” is powder-coated, white aluminum and will be offered in two patterns.

“This is our first time creating a take-away product at off-the-rack pricing so more people can benefit from the bespoke design of Modern Metal,” says Kantor. “I think of it as a splurge item, like a couture lipstick or premium Starbucks beverage. Since more people are staying at home during the pandemic, why not incorporate wonderful surprises anywhere you can?”



Powder-coated, 18-gauge aluminum in white so customer may paint to complement any ceiling. Two patterns contrast right angles with gentle curves. “Square Squared” honors the studied simplicity of American mid-century tile work. “Simple Bend” is an abstracted Möbius strip ebbing and flowing. Both are 13-inch square, half-inch deep, with a 45-degree beveled edge.

“Elevate” will be shipped in a distinctive sliding box, so as to resemble a gift received. The MSRP is $150.

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