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Next-Gen VR Shopping: Beautyque NYC Launches Beautyque Verse

Virtual Beauty & Wellness shopping app debuts on oculus, iOS, and android platforms




(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — Beautyque NYC announces the soft launch of its new Virtual Reality shopping App titled Beautyque Verse, marking its move into the next generation of VR shopping. This beta version of the platform is available for Oculus, iOS, and Android users. The upcoming WebXR version will offer a glimpse into Beautyque Verse, directing customers to the full comprehensive experiences on other platforms.

“Beautyque Verse represents our ambition to blend technology with beauty shopping,” says Sonia Khemiri, co-founder of Beautyque NYC. “It’s a platform where immersive experiences and community engagement will come together to shape the future of beauty retail.”

Beautyque Verse represents our vision of future retail possibilities, blending VR technology with beauty shopping. Key features include:

  • VR Shopping Experience: Users can immerse themselves in a virtual beauty store, exploring and interacting with products in a Virtual, 3D environment.
  • Multi-Platform Accessibility: Available on Oculus, iOS, and Android, Beautyque Verse offers VR shopping to a broad audience, transcending device preferences. The Oculus version promises a fully immersive VR experience, while the iOS and Android versions, though less immersive, are highly accessible. Crucially, all versions are interconnected with our innovative social shopping feature, allowing users to meet, interact, and shop together in real-time across these platforms. This unique capability ensures that whether using Oculus, iOS, or Android, users can enjoy a shared and engaging shopping experience.
  • Interactive Product Exploration: Detailed product displays and interactive elements that make shopping both informative and enjoyable. The soft launch will introduce an AR feature for 20 select products on iOS and Android in the coming days, enhancing the product exploration experience.
  • BeautyQoach Amara: Amara guides users through the store and, as an AI feature, offers tailored product recommendations based on chat interactions. This soft launch focuses on refining her AI role, with user feedback shaping her evolution.

The soft launch of Beautyque Verse represents a significant evolution from its first 3D virtual store and a crucial step in refining its VR shopping experience, highlighted by its innovative shopping feature. “It’s not just about the enhanced visual quality and user interface; we’ve integrated advanced AI and AR capabilities to create a more personalized shopping experience. The platform is more intuitive, interactive, and tailored to each user’s preferences, reflecting our commitment to innovation and customer-centric design,” Sonia believes.

“This phase is essential for gathering feedback from our beta testers – a community of beauty enthusiasts and tech-savvy early adopters – who are not just testing but actively co-creating the platform with us. Their insights are vital in ensuring that Beautyque Verse truly resonates with the needs and expectations of our customers, particularly in pioneering social interaction within the VR beauty space.”

Beautyque NYC is known for focusing on immersive technology and community-building since its launch in May 2020 with the first 3D beauty retail platform.


“Beautyque Verse is more than a product destination; we’re nurturing an innovative space for learning and personal growth in beauty, emphasizing an ‘outside-in’ approach,” Sonia adds. “We embrace VR, AR and AI, balanced with human insights, to gently guide this unique journey. Our aspiration is to thoughtfully expand our offerings and, in doing so, contribute meaningfully to the evolving landscape of beauty tech.”

To discover the future of beauty retail with Beautyque Verse and to sign up for beta testing, visit, Beautyque Verse Sign Up to immerse yourself in the next generation of VR shopping. From there, you can download any of the three available beta versions of the app. For more information, visit here. Note that a WebXR version is set to be released during the hard launch, offering a glimpse of the VR experience, albeit with limited features.

To learn more, visit: here

To receive a demo of Beautyque Verse or for interviews with Sonia, please send requests to

About Beautyque NYC

Founded in 2020 as the first 3D virtual beauty store, Beautyque NYC is co-founded by Sonia Khemiri with a vision to celebrate the beauty journey. Launching soon, Beautyque NYC is furthering its technological experiences for users with the launch of its beauty store app, Beautyque Verse, offering an immersive VR environment on Oculus, iOS, and Android. This app harnesses VR as its core technology, supplemented by AR and AI elements to enhance the user experience. Sonia, with a diverse background in administration and a personal motto of trailblazing uncharted paths, established Beautyque NYC to champion beauty brands and unique customer experiences. Beautyque NYC’s mission is to build a global community that embraces beauty as a powerful form of self-expression, leveraging technology to redefine beauty retail. Visit: here.




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