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On Our Radar: 1402 Coffee, China

This coffee shop is a melding of contemporary and traditional design




The 1402 Coffee shop located in Aranya in the Hebei Province of China, focuses on the juxtaposition between old and new. The shop is situated in a traditional red brick building with an elegant sloping roof, yet the inside features a more contemporary look and feel through its minimalist furniture and color palettes.

Playing off the concept of spatial volume was a key focus of this project, as was connecting the outdoor and indoor space. Both of these goals were achieved through use of its glass façade. Hidden within are fully openable doors and windows, directly connecting the exterior and interior space.

Outside fixed furniture is made from the same pigmented cement material as the indoor seating, and partition walls are situated at various heights to reinforce the idea of “spatial awareness.” Inside the central focus is the pigmented Dagau cement box which serves as seating, a waiting area, a pour-over bar and a display area.

Photography courtesy of B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio




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