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Proportion London launches new art-inspired male mannequin collection; MONSIEUR



Renowned for producing dynamic VM equipment of premium quality and design, Proportion London has developed MONSIEUR; a distinctive new male mannequin collection which takes influence from the world of art and sculpture.

Combining a honed and spare sculpt style with the firm’s widely known love of authentic materials and unusual production processes, MONSIEUR is the ultimate cosmopolitan male mannequin; sharp in style, lean of body and well suited to the presentation of contemporary tailoring.

The collection was sculpted by the late Robert Patterson, a long-time collaborator with proportion London; this was his final project. Patterson created a figure with powerfully striking, but soft facial details; imbuing the collection with an unforgettable character which stands as tribute to his enduring talent.

Fascinated by the work of artist Henry Moore, Proportion’s Development team strengthened the concept by formulating a distinctive finish akin to the worked surfaces of an artist’s plaster. Manufactured in the UK; the figures are made from layers of fibreglass infused with earthy pigments in a muted colour palette, then worked with sandpaper and top-coated with beeswax to accentuate the patina of the finish. An original idea, where no two figures are identical.

Inspired by Giacometti's frantic charcoal character studies and stunning desaturated colour palettes, Proportion combined their own pre-sculpt concept sketches with beautifully observed photographic imagery, to create visuals of the collection that give a rare view into the creation process. Proportion London’s Creative Director, Tanya Reynolds commented “It was so important to get across the original idea behind this collection. We took inspiration from many artistic avenues, and in building the range to fit a broad market we were determined to retain the beauty and rawness we envisaged at the start”

The MONSIEUR range encompasses a variety of manufacturing options, ranging from textured linen upholstered torsos to smooth full fibreglass sprayed figures and pigment stained raw fibreglass versions. With head options that include a sublime stylised feature head, contemporary blank head and headless torso, the versatility continues with beechwood articulated arms, allowing endless scope for brand customisation.


Although MONSIEUR is perfect as a standalone collection, he was designed as the male counterpart to the company’s female mannequin range; MADEMOISELLE. Together, they form an impeccable pairing; perfectly suited to the prevailing trend for modern, clean and polished retail interiors.

MONSIEUR is on show at the Proportion London showroom in East London’s Shoreditch area – to make an appointment or receive more information on the collection call +44 (0)207 749 1300 or email



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