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Retail Reimagined, Part VI

Spot! Café, Buenos Aires, Argentina




First Place
Renovation – Convenience Store
Spot! Café, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Submitted by: Axion Energy, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A complete transformation from its predecessor and previous corporate owner, Axion Energy’s Spot! Café was re-conceptualized chain-wide by Axion and CBX (New York) and adapted at this location by Buenos Aires-based architecture firm Balko Argentina S.A.

During the renovation, the store was closed for nine months to overhaul its design, branding and customer experience. Upon opening, its generic convenience store decor was updated and its product offerings were replaced with healthy, made-to-order items. Rather than quickly running in for a grab-and-go snack or beverage, they’re enticed to stay longer with handcrafted lattes and hot breakfast items from the bakery counter.

“We had to have a specific solution for the modern convenience store shopper, and we wanted to build the best breakfast experience in town,” says Enrique Chardon, architect and general manager of Balko Argentina S.A. According to Axion, the selection of products were chosen carefully based on a healthy point of view, which was its main focus to convey to the public against its Buenos Aires competitors.

The convenience store’s new design also contributes to longer visits and higher-priced tickets: Dynamic digital signage updates to reflect the frequently changing fresh food items; its oversized porthole-style windows provide abundant natural lighting; and its contemporary, comfortable furniture and high-end materials create a space where customers want to be, not just need to be.

Impressed by the store’s appearance, VMSD competition judge and Kroger interior designer, Amanda Sarver, commented: “This store does not look like it’s attached to a gas station!”


Take a tour of Spot! Café's newly renovated store here.

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