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Sky Bench powered by The Integer Group® (a key member of Omnicom Group Inc.) launched as an agile resource for brands looking to solve modern-day retail design challenges with customer-centric, culturally-responsive and authentic retail experiences.

“Every retailer’s future growth strategy relies on simultaneously developing its online and offline channels; however, the majority of retail design firms today focus only on one side,” said Ellen Cook, Sky Bench Advisor and President, The Integer Group Dallas and Los Angeles. “Sky Bench is building a new way forward for retailers by bridging the gap between traditional firms focused on physical spaces and the surge of digital experience agencies that specifically aim to impact online journeys.”

Rooted in The Integer Group’s shopper marketing and retail innovation expertise, Sky Bench brings together retail design, store intelligence, and scalable technology through services that include:

  • New store concept development
  • Store fleet modernization
  • Store-within-store buildouts
  • Unique pop-up stores
  • Engaging service kiosks
  • Retail CX audits and mapping
  • Shopper journey tracking
  • Experience feedback collection
  • Space/venue analytics
  • Omnichannel technology

“Our mission is to ensure that brands are competitive and future-proofed to win in the new retail environment,” said Kevin Paul, Sky Bench Practice Lead and SVP, Director of Store Environments for The Integer Group. “We do this through a holistic approach that focuses on empathy-led environments, measurable shopping moments and sensory-filled brand spaces. We are able to deliver impact and sustainable advantage for our clients’ brands by unifying online and offline customer experiences through modern retail design and store intelligence collection methods.”

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