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TENSPACE Hosts Online Brands in Dedicated Pop-Up Store

A single brand occupies the space in an 8-week “show”




Photography: Courtesy of Tenfold/Tenspace, Columbus, Ohio

By: Faith Huddleston • Director, Creative Activation
TENFOLD + TENSPACE | Columbus, Ohio

We’ve all seen the pop-up stores and we all know the formula. We’ve seen it done well and executed poorly. So what’s the next evolution of retail? What if you could create a retail experience that was about inspiring humanity and truly connecting with people on an emotional level? Creating memories and motivating behaviors? What if it’s focused on purpose first and the product second, if at all?


A one-of-a-kind, evolving, keep you up at night, mind-blowing retail concept. As an experienced retail designer, I get the opportunity to re-imagine and curate this space with our team every two months for people who see shopping differently: it’s not a space to convert – it’s a space to connect, discover, and share.

How is TENSPACE radical?

  • TENSPACE creates in-real-life (IRL) experiences for online brands in a dedicated space, one brand at a time, in an eight week ‘show’. TENSPACE is an ever-changing portal for emerging brands to make a statement. These brands choose to use TENSPACE as a gateway to gaining the benefits of brick-and-mortar retail while maintaining the advantages of a digital-first mindset. TENSPACE provides the framework and all the vital components: a multi-disciplinary team that includes brand and culture researchers, designers, visual merchandisers, content creators, videographers, event strategists and more. And, we staff the space, too.
  • TENSPACE is a user generated social content factory. We measure success not only on sales but on impact. If the show is compelling enough for someone to walk in, take a picture, and share it on their social media or return for a second visit bringing their friends, we know we’re doing something right. This is what adds value and measures success for us and the brands we collaborate with. Some of the things that have been communicated to our Experience Manager are truly memorable such as “this isn’t a store, it’s a store-y!” and “omgosh what is this place,” and “this is better than church!”
  • Product is not the primary take-away – memorable experiences are. Our singular goal is to inspire guests by authentically connecting them to the brand story or cause through experiences they will never forget. Product becomes a souvenir of what you’re now a part of when the atmosphere shifts from high pressure conversion to building bonds for the brand.
  • Instead of a collection of stale fixtures and a one-size-fits-all layout, the TENSPACE infrastructure is intentionally designed as a flexible canvas to support any expression we can dream up – thus far a 7,000 shoelace chandelier to 45 dancing disco balls. The possibilities are endless – for real.

TENSPACE: The first 90 days.


With our second show now open, we are thrilled that TENSPACE has been well-received and are seeing its wave in the industry beginning to swell. Our inaugural show, TENSPACE x RUDIS, featured the athletic brand and their focus on the lifestyle and mindset of those who wrestle – from Olympians, to legends of other sports such as Mohammad Ali, Jesse Owens, and Vince Lombardi, to all of us. The show inspired the wrestler in all of us and was designed to motivate people to build their own legacy.

Now open for the holidays, TENSPACE x features the LA-based brand and its core focus on mental health. We have designed the show to inspire and elicit joy with thoughtful gifts to give, focusing on the uplifting moods of the season. Inspired directly by’s purpose and supported by curated product assortment, these sentiments drive experiences throughout the show to tie a bow on their brand story – literally.

I invite you to see (and feel) for yourselves. We are open to the public during store hours as well as ticketed events. Our upcoming event is Holiday Happy Hour, Dec. 16 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.  Look for me, I’ll be there!


Faith Huddleston (Columbus, Ohio) of TENFOLD® has more than a decade of experience in transforming national brands with immersive design. Her background includes brand strategy, environmental design and visual merchandising for prestigious brands including LVMH, Starwood Retail Partners, and Neiman Marcus. As Director of Creative Activation, Faith leads the strategy and design of experiential projects across TENFOLD and TENSPACE.



TENFOLD® is an award-winning culture strategy and creative firm that believes the very best brands are built from the inside out. By revealing and reflecting the magic of brand and culture, TENFOLD® helps brands align their physical and virtual environments to their business strategy, connecting people to place in a meaningful way. Founded in 2014, TENFOLD® is proud to be among the .1% of woman-owned creative firms and serves clients worldwide across corporate, retail, education, and healthcare markets. In 2021, TENFOLD® opened their sister business and retail incubator, TENSPACE™. For more information and to explore the portfolio of work, visit and



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