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Retail Design Firm Resource Guide

Top Retail Design Firms of 2018

VMSD unveils its annual Retail Design Firm Resource Guide




VMSD’s annual Retail Design Firm Resource Guide turns 24 this year, and features a comprehensive list of contract design firms, independent designers and architecture firms from around the world — from India to Australia and everywhere in between.

Each listing — unless non-disclosed — lists every firm’s standout projects from 2017 and their current contact information.(See the full listing in the magazine here.)

For the Rankings by Design Firm Fees table, derived from total retail design firm fees disclosed by participating firms, see below.

Design firms interested in participating in the 2019 Resource Guide should contact the VMSD editorial staff by emailing 


Rankings by Design Fees*

1          CallisonRTKL


2          Gensler

3          Stantec Architecture

4          FRCH Design Worldwide

5          GreenbergFarrow

6          Henderson Engineers

7          WD Partners


8          Little

9          MG2

10        Architects Orange

11        RSP Architects

12        MBH Architects

13        Chipman Design Architecture


14        Sargenti Architects

15        Checkland Kindleysides

16        TPG Architecture

17        CESO Inc.

18        Shremshock Architects Inc.

19        Tricarico Architecture and Design

20        C.M. Architecture PA

21        GH+A Design Studios

22        Elkus Manfredi Architects

23        Larson Design Group

24        RGLA Solutions Inc.

25        JGA Inc.

26        Rebel Design + Group

27        RPA Group

28        Ædifica

29        api(+)

30        Phase Zero Design Inc.

31        (tie) AGI

31        (tie) BHDP Architecture

32        Jencen Architecture

33        K2M Design Inc.

34        LGA Partners LP

35        Architecture Design Collaborative

36        ChangeUp Inc.

37        L2M Architects

38        Architectural Design Guild

39        Hixson Architecture, Engineering, Interiors

40        McKinley Burkart

41        pdms Design Group

42        Jump Branding & Design Inc.

43        Studio|H2G

44        FAL Design

45        Richardson Design

46        Arquitectos Interiores S.C.P.

47        (tie) Cutler

47        (tie) Ideation Studio Inc.

48        FRDC (Future Research Design Company)

49        Kraido

50        Top Floor Interior Architects

51        Finn Daniels Architects

52        (tie) Boxcraft

52        (tie) EC Retail Studio

52        (tie) Bar Napkin Productions LLC

53        Jerry Birnbach & Associates LLC

54        Storetech+Co

55        TSAO Design Group

56        Stoever Jones Design

57        (tie) CASCO Diversified Corp.

57        (tie) Hambrecht Oleson Design Inc.

57        (tie) R5 Design Agency

57        (tie) Restore Design

57        (tie) The Montoro Architectural Group

57        (tie) Steven L. Cohen & Associates P.A.

58        (tie) Bloommiami

58        (tie) Retail Rehab Inc.

59        Retail Habitats LLC

60        Group 7 Design Inc.

61        Rawlins Design Inc.

62        Design Center

63        Derek Rubinoff, Architect

64        De La Garza Architecture LLC

65        Chris Rossi Studio

66        Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting Inc.

67        Creekwood Architecture Inc.

68        Gabbert Architects Planners

69        Onyx Creative

*Information for the VMSD Retail Design Firm Resource Guide was provided by individual firms and has not been verified by VMSD magazine.

**Due to an editorial error, SGA Design Group (Tulsa, Okla.) was accidentally left out of the Design Firm Guide rankings table. If they had been included, they would place between the thirteenth and fourteenth rankings in the chart, with total fees of $19,233,000.



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