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Vahan Jewelry Launches Inaugural In-Store Boutique

“We’re honored to have VAHAN’s first boutique. While brightening our entire store, our clients have loved the addition”




Pictured: Brandon Katzeff, CEO of Joyce’s Jewelry, alongside Rachel Katzeff, Director of Operations.

(PRESS RELEASE) UNIONTOWN, PA — Renowned fine jewelry brand VAHAN Jewelry has introduced an in-store boutique concept at Joyce’s Jewelry, a 7,000-square-foot freestanding store in Uniontown, PA. During a holiday shopping event on December 2nd, Joyce’s Jewelry launched the new boutique to its clientele with a resounding response.

Sleek and modern with clean lines, the in-store boutique highlighted an array of VAHAN Jewelry’s most popular styles and collections. Designed with bright lighting, it’s equipped with sliding cases to elevate customer presentations.

A southwestern Pennsylvania jewelry institution for more than 40 years, Joyce Katzeff founded Joyce’s Jewelry alongside her husband, David. Their son Brandon now serves as CEO. “As one of our bestselling and favorite brands, VAHAN Jewelry is our longest brand partner. We share their values in terms of excellent quality and customer service,” he said. “We’re honored to have VAHAN’s first boutique. While brightening our entire store, our clients have loved the addition.”

VAHAN Jewelry, best known for its signature bracelets, has been a purveyor of luxury diamond jewelry for more than 55 years. Of the new in-store collaboration with Joyce’s Jewelry, VAHAN Jewelry co-owner & COO Nathalie Calousdian stated, “The inaugural boutique is a remarkable milestone for our brand, and we’re delighted to collaborate with our friends at Joyce’s Jewelry—an esteemed retail partner for many years.”

Melanie Futrell, VAHAN Jewelry’s Corporate Sales Director, added, “We look forward to extending our boutique concept to other stores—enhancing the shopping experience for VAHAN collectors nationwide. As an expansion for VAHAN Jewelry, it also represents the loyalty and passion of our customers.”
While providing a more cohesive experience for clients, VAHAN Jewelry’s boutique concept is designed to increase sales—providing a unique opportunity for growth.


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