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Iain Kimmins

Window Displays and the Importance of Customer Communication

Use your windows as a simple yet effective way to reach your audience




AS WE APPROACH the end of 2021, retail trade is certainly brisk. Many stakeholders I speak to inform me that business is almost at the same level as it was pre-pandemic; this is such great news to hear.

Customers are returning to our High Streets and the shopping malls for that interaction between the sales teams in the stores, and the need to “touch and feel” the merchandise, which is something that cannot be achieved when shopping online.

Over the past few weeks, I have been in Oslo, Norway, Dublin, and more recently Dubai, U.A.E., and it is great to see so many superb Christmas window concepts. London, as always, has pulled all the stops out with show-stopping Christmas window concepts with all the fun and excitement that is Christmas.

Many retailers have stepped up and are pushing the boundaries in terms of window concepts and in-store visual merchandising. It’s keeping customers aware of all that is new in merchandise while piquing their interest in stores that are creating retail theater in their windows.

Although sales figures up to the end of December 2021 will not be available until January at the earliest, there is a need to move into 2022 with renewed vigor. Retailers will need to continue to grow and adapt. Their responsibility will be huge, so do ask for help. It is impossible to be an expert in everything, so it’s understanding the needs of your business and knowing where to go for help.

As we know, a good standard of window display and visual merchandising is paramount for any retail business. There is the need to get customers excited about your store. The window is your least costly form of advertising; it is the face of your store, and one of its most important elements.


Every inch of your store costs your business money. Think of an area in your store that has the potential to make you money. You can’t afford to settle for unappealing and ineffective displays and in-store visual merchandising. Retail is a competitive business and is constantly changing. It’s your ability to respond to those changes that will enable you to stay ahead of the competition:

  • Create retail theater for your customers.
  • Give your customers an excellent shopping experience.
  • Constantly incorporate new and exciting merchandise.
  • Offer something to remember their visit to your store.

From independents to department stores through to multiple chain, all of these businesses recognize the importance of visual merchandising and the commercial value it brings to their business. It’s rather like the saying: You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.





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