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Men’s Wearhouse, Shenandoah, Texas

Reimagined store features dedicated zones that tell a story.




IN 2021, VISUAL MERCHANDISING is following three distinct trends: immersive experiences, interrupting traffic patterns and connecting with the customer. When Men’s Warehouse approached Nelson Worldwide (Minneapolis) to reimagine the store, that’s exactly what they wanted to achieve.

“We were tasked with reinventing the way Men’s Warehouse is presented to shoppers,” explains Meredith Seeds, Director of Interior Design at Nelson Worldwide. “Previously, the product had been hard to shop with so many options, and the customer journey through the space was difficult to navigate. To create a store that offers intuitive and seamless shopping, we took a strategic approach: replanning and rethinking categories and creating spaces in which shoppers could celebrate moments that matter, like a suit fitting for their wedding.”

Dee Zunker Photography/Courtesy of Tailored Brands

Dee Zunker Photography/Courtesy of Tailored Brands

The new layout has dedicated zones that tell a story, whether it’s casualwear or seasonal trends, with details that showcase the brand’s rental and customization options. Aesthetically, Men’s Warehouse has the warm wood and contemporary graphics of a modern studio, while exuding the qualities of fine tailoring. It feels like an expansive walk-in wardrobe – intuitive and seamless.

“There are large armoires that elevate the rental and custom offerings while creating distinct zones within the space, and we created unique laydown tables for customers to visualize their entire look together.” says Seeds. “We did away with the catalog fixtures from the old store and brought in bespoke drawers, designed for the exact length of a tie. Accessories are merchandised next to suits for easy matching and modular tables pop up around the store with seasonal accessories.”

The attention to detail doesn’t stop there. There are experiential moments around the store – from the spotlight shirt wall that showcases the full spectrum of styles and colorways for self-selection to the lounge outside the fitting room that allows for a big reveal. Open and airy, with clear pathways, customers can wander around without interrupting intimate moments. Men’s Warehouse is amplifying the try-on journey.

“We wanted the experience to be ownable, personalized to the occasion you’re shopping for,” says Seeds. “And to celebrate menswear as more than just function and style – as emotive.”

📷: Dee Zunker Photography/Courtesy of Tailored Brands

Georgia Mizen is a contributing writer at VMSD magazine. Writing for VMSD since 2017.



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