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PurOptima Expands Across the U.S.

Sustainable glass wall partitions and door systems manufacturer adds six new partners




(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — PurOptima, the leading manufacturer of premium glass wall partitions and door systems, announces it has added a total of six project delivery partners that span from coast to coast across the U.S. Entering into a partnership with these companies is the result of a shared ambition to introduce the U.S. commercial design and real estate market to the highest quality, most sustainable glass wall partitions and door solutions currently available. This move is another important step for PurOptima to become the number one choice for glass wall partitioning solutions across the United States and globally.

Since its launch in May 2023, PurOptima has steadily grown its partnerships to include the following companies and territories:

  • NYC Metropolitan Area: Benhar Office Interiors
  • Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey: Eureka Metal & Glass Services
  • Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Northern New England: Red Thread
  • Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia: Ridgeview Glass
  • Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin: Clover Architectural Products
  • California: Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems

On the expansion, PurOptima’s U.S. Country Manager, Kevin Mayer, comments, “As part of our U.S. expansion plans, we are thrilled to continue to grow across the country and add these six companies as our partners. We are excited to demonstrate to designers, architects, contractors, and building owners how specifying our glass wall systems will deliver maximum ROI, on several levels, from striking aesthetic design to market-leading acoustic performance and carbon savings. Following the launches in major hubs such as New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, DC, and Chicago, moving to the West Coast offers the ideal next step for our growth in the U.S. market, allowing us to develop what we have learned and tailor this to meet the design needs for projects in a broad slate of markets.”

These new project delivery partners are responsible for promoting PurOptima’s latest products including a core range of their award-winning single and double-glazed partitions over the past six months, such as PurOptima 117 Plus, Revolution 54 Plus, and Revolution 100. They plan to launch their innovative solid wall solution, the Adaptable Wall, as well as a range of acoustic glass door systems including the Edge, Axile, and Kinetic series, and their selection of Timber door options in 2024.

PurOptima’s continued expansion into the U.S. market comes after a major announcement that PurOptima has switched its aluminum supply to Hydro CIRCAL across the entire company. Hydro CIRCAL is a new brand of sustainable aluminum, made with a minimum of 75% recycled post-consumer scrap, which minimizes the carbon footprint of the products in which it’s used and makes it a significantly more sustainable option than all other aluminum products currently on the market. Recycling aluminum requires just 5% of the energy needed to produce primary aluminum, drastically reducing the amount of energy required. This benefit is then passed onto PurOptima’s glass partitions and doors, greatly reducing their embodied carbon, reflecting the company’s ongoing aim to become a low-emission partitions manufacturer.

Kevin Mayer for PurOptima explains, “Currently U.S. produced aluminum has an embodied carbon of 16kgCo2, compared with a European average of 8.6KgCo2. Contrastingly Hydro CIRCAL aluminum exclusively available in the U.S. in PurOptima’s glass wall partitioning systems has an embodied carbon of just 2.3kgCo2 which is a massive benefit for clients. We have already been able to make significant carbon reductions for clients looking to reduce their carbon footprint.”


Furthermore, Hydro CIRCAL’s arrival also demonstrates PurOptima’s commitment to circular economic principles, which sits at the heart of PurOptima’s business model. It’s another key milestone in their journey towards sustainable development and reducing their carbon footprint to zero. Fully traceable and independently third-party certified, it’s a game-changer for the PurOptima product portfolio and the building products industry at large. With this pioneering move to Hydro CIRCAL, PurOptima is now being recognized as a leader in driving real sustainable change in the commercial interior design industry and has won the Metropolis 2023 Planet Positive Award in the Wall and Ceiling category.

For more information on PurOptima, click here.

About PurOptima

PurOptima is a U.S.-based global leading manufacturer of sustainable interior glass wall partition systems and doors. PurOptima is one of the world’s most respected, experienced, and sustainable global commercial glass wall partitioning experts. PurOptima delivers glass wall solutions through a national network of project delivery partners who fabricate and install products in local markets. The company takes pride in offering exceptional service and beautifully designed, bespoke glass wall partitions and doors that exude quality and performance. Services range from design through to installation including specification advice with an emphasis on acoustic expertise.

2023 Awards: Architectural Record Products of the Year (Revolution 54 Plus, Windows & Doors category), Architectural Products Product Innovation Award (Revolution 54 Plus, Glass/Openings category), Building Design + Construction 75 Top Building Products (Revolution 54 Plus, Glass & Glazing category), and the Metropolis Planet Positive Award (PurOptima, Walls & Ceilings category).



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