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Eric Feigenbaum

Banking on Comfort, Trust and Hospitality

Capital One Café opens on Lexington Avenue




BANKING, A SEEMINGLY mundane and everyday part of our lives, can be cold, dehumanizing and intimidating. In an effort to change the way people think about banking, Capital One has opened a warm and welcoming Capital One Café on Lexington Avenue, inviting all, whether a bank customer or not, to partake in anything from a cappuccino to an avocado on toast from a menu of hand-crafted coffees and teas to sandwiches, snacks and other comforting delights.

Located on 59th Street directly across from Bloomingdale’s, the Capital One Café offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan’s concrete jungle. With an abundance of hospitality and a comfortable and friendly environment, Capital One is demonstrating that there is more to customer service and engagement than merely dollars and cents. Not everything is transactional.

Banking on Comfort, Trust and Hospitality

Clean lines and a soothing palette of beige tones and walnut accents set the mood for a relaxing morning cup of joe or a refreshing afternoon recharge. Seating arrangements abound, including comfortable groupings of couches, tables and chairs along with semi-private booths and private meeting rooms equipped with free Wi-Fi, all offering the opportunity to collaborate, to get work done, or simply to chill.

A grouping of pendant lamps embellish a grand seating area at the entry clad with light gray vertical subway tiles and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the scene on Lexington Avenue. The back wall of the service counter is adorned with coffee mugs and a series of live snake plants reaching upward toward the high ceilings.

A terrazzo and light wood flooring treatment adds to the comfortable environment as customers/guests are greeted by a team of “cafe ambassadors” who graciously answer questions, and if interested, bring guests to a teller, or as they like to say, to a brand ambassador.


Banking on Comfort, Trust and Hospitality

With 50 locations across the country, all based on the premise that financial well-being is better with every day well-being, the overarching goal is to educate, empower and connect with the community. As such, the Capital One Cafés also offer community services such as financial wellness workshops and elevated travel rewards through their proprietary Venture X credit card. And best of all, everyone is welcome.

Capital One recognizes that customer service is all about customer comfort, trust and hospitality. Have empathy and concern for the community and the people who work and live there, and customer loyalty will follow.

📷 Eric Feigenbaum, New York





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