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BuzziSpace Launches Solution to Divvy Up Contract Space

Three products offered: BuzziShield Free, BuzziShield Hook, and BuzziShield Desk.




(PRESS RELEASE) The BuzziShield partition panel collection helps define space while performs acoustically to block off excessive noise — three products offered: BuzziShield Free, BuzziShield Hook, and BuzziShield Desk suffice different needs in a range of contract settings including workspace, hospitality, education, healthcare, residential and a lot more.

BuzziShield Hook and BuzziShield Free are architectural in appearance to stand alone or be grouped together to delineate and define open layout spaces. Offered as rectangular vertical panels as well as Wedge Right, Wedge Left, Flat Right, Flat Left configurations, BuzziShield Hook and Free’s thick core and upholstered body ensure optimal noise cancellation.


BuzziShield Desk offers tabletop application possibilities to round out the versatile collection. Similar to the stand-alone dividers, BuzziShield Desk provides visual privacy and noise reduction at communal or personal workstations; temporary and permanent installation options are offered to suit different needs in contract settings.

BuzziShield Desk

Further customization can be done to the entire BuzziShield collection — choose from a variety of BuzziSpace signature fabrics and colors to further personalize the workplace with this unexpected and eye-catch design element.

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