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Cannabis Retail Sales Surged in April, May

Colorado and Oregon both saw record sales during the month of May




Retail sales of cannabis in the U.S. surged during the months of April and May, according to data compiled by New Frontier Data (Washington, D.C.) and as reported by NORML (Washington, D.C.). Drawing retail sales data from 24 states, it was concluded that “Average consumer monthly spending rose to record highs in April and May, reaching $290 and $296, respectively.”

Of the states highlighted in the report, Colorado saw May sales totaling $192 million, and Oregon had its May sales adding up to an estimated $100 million. During the same period, Florida and Oklahoma’s medical marijuana programs maintained month-over-month growth.

Many dispensaries were designated as essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, which allowed them to remain open uninterrupted.



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