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Division Twelve Earns Sustainability Certification

The brand’s bent-metal furniture line has been certified as carbon-neutral




(PRESS RELEASE) TORONTO — Division Twelve is excited to announce that their line of bent metal furniture is now officially certified as carbon neutral. From the beginning, Division Twelve has been passionate about picking and choosing the best Earth-approved materials to create sustainable furniture that can be humblebragged about, so becoming carbon neutral was the obvious next step in the company’s forward-thinking journey.

“Sustainability has been engrained in the Division Twelve ethos from the start,” says Meghan Sherwin, Chief Marketing Officer. “We are proud to reach this milestone in our sustainability efforts – combined with our best-in-class design and fresh, irreverent marketing, Division Twelve is a real triple threat in the furniture industry.”

Division Twelve Earns Sustainability Certification

Courtesy of Division Twelve


To achieve this carbon-neutral status, Division Twelve reduced carbon emissions at every stage of their processes – from design and the materials they used in production, distribution, and end-of-life. Of course, throughout the life cycle of each product, there is inevitable carbon that cannot be eliminated. Division Twelve completely offsets this carbon with investments in third- party verified carbon offset projects through After careful consideration, Division Twelve chose to support the three following projects:

  • The S. Truck Stop Electrification Project, selected to specifically address the carbon emissions created during product transportation.
  • The Minnesota Forestry Improvement Project, selected with Division Twelve’s use of wood furniture components in mind, to contribute to the management and improvement of Minnesota woodlands.
  • The Aqua Clara Water Filtration Program, selected because Division Twelve believes that clean water is a basic human right that every person should have access to. This water filtration program provides Kenyan communities with access to safe drinking water while generating employment opportunities and reducing deforestation.

In addition to, Division Twelve also worked with SCS Global Services, the international leader in third-party verification for sustainability, who conducted Life Cycle Assessments for every Division Twelve product. This process examines the products’ cradle-to- grave lifespan and all of the energy and materials used to develop and operate the product. This process helps to inform the number of carbon emissions that will need to be offset by the abovementioned projects.

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