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DK Display Featuring “The Tolerance Project” in NYC Showroom

The poster collection created by graphic design artists aims to bridge societal divides




Tolerance Project posters in Salt Lake City. Courtesy of DK Display

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — DK Display, the exclusive North American representative for six of the world’s top mannequin designers and manufacturers, will feature “The Tolerance Project” at its New York City showroom in December.

The exhibit will include fashion inspired by the poster collection that has been shown around the world. DK Display partnered with the Miami International University of Art and Design, whose students created and sewn the garments using The Tolerance Project poster art.

The Tolerance Project is a traveling poster collection that celebrates and honors the starting point of all meaningful discourse: tolerance. Free, flexible, and ever-expanding, The Tolerance Project has brought a message of social acceptance to more than 100,000 people in 27 countries worldwide. Founded by artist-activist Mirko Ilić, this bold initiative showcases the work of over 140 designers—some established, some up-and- coming, all wildly talented.

Each iteration of The Tolerance Project features posters by local artists, whose only direction is to illustrate the word “tolerance” in their native language. The posters appear in public spaces—in parks, on university campuses, even on buses—thus engaging with a wide cross-section of the population. It’s all part of starting a conversation about inclusion, which can only begin with a foundation of tolerance and spreading respect in a world increasingly split by race, religion, sexuality, and national origin. In posters that are by turns playful and profound, surprising wand original, The Tolerance Project utilizes the unique power of design to remind us what we all have in common—and what it takes to bridge the divides between us.

DK Display Featuring “The Tolerance Project” in NYC Showroom

Tolerance posters in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Courtesy of DK Display

The Tolerance Project aspires to raise the awareness of the growth of global intolerance by bringing together work by graphic design artists from around the world to help redress what has now become a major issue.


Through the medium of tolerance-focused artworks created by cooperating artists, the project will organize worldwide exhibits, lectures, workshops, and media opportunities. Through these actions we hope to raise awareness of diminishing tolerance and begin a positive change in overall attitudes in peoples’ interactions with one another.

Leadership of the Project

Born in Bosnia, Mirko Ilić , graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb, where from the mid-1970’s to the mid-1980s he rose to prominence drawing and publishing comics, illustrations, and graphic design for a wide range of clients for record companies and theater to influential political magazines and newspapers.

He arrived in the United States in 1986 and was commissioned as an illustrator for many of the major magazines and newspapers in the US and around the world. In 1991, he served as the Art Director for Time magazine’s international editions as well as the The New York Times op-ed pages. In 1995 he founded Mirko Ilic Corp., a graphic design, 3-D computer graphics, and motion picture title studio. His company designs for a wide range of clients, from pro bono organizations to the high luxury hospitality clients and is especially known for its strong visual concepts.

Mirko has received awards from several major industry authorities and his works can be viewed in collections displayed by the Smithsonian Museum and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York and San Francisco. Mirko also currently teaches post-graduate courses on Illustration at the School of Visual Arts. Mirko Ilić, co-authored the book “The Design of Dissent” with Milton Glaser and nine more publications with the renowned art director, journalist, critic, author, and editor Steven Heller.

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