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DSW Changes Company Name

The company is now Designer Brands



DSW (Columbus, Ohio) is changing the company’s name to Designer Brands, as a way to herald the company’s reinvention following its acquisitions of Camuto Group (Greenwich, Conn.) and The Shoe Company (Toronto) last year. 

According to SGB Media, the new name change is effective immediately and the company’s stock ticker symbol will be changed from “DSW” to “DBI,” effective April 2.

Both of these acquisitions were intentionally made to revolutionize the company’s business model and, in doing so, better position it for the future of the changing consumer landscape. For instance, the company realized that more vendors were going direct-to-consumer and that technology was changing consumer behavior by allowing for greater price transparency.

These new acquisitions help address those concerns and allow the company larger consumer reach and supply chain access.



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