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Holiday Windows

Holiday Windows 2015

Part III of V




This year’s holiday windows adopted unconventional themes and transported visitors to magical realms, conveying the imaginative spirit of the season. Browse the annual recap in the February 2016 issue of VMSD and be sure to check back throughout the month of February 2016 for Parts IV and V of this online review.



  1. Selfridges, Oxford Street, London – “Journey to the Stars”: Selfridges’ (London) took inspiration from above in its “Journey to the Stars” windows. Created by 500 associates, the retailer’s 12 windows illustrated each of the astrological signs. Dashes of planetary flair were added to create authenticity: A sparkling gem backdrop was digitally printed with star formations; floor coverings were created with a mixture of sand and colorful glitters; and constellation designs were applied to the windows’ surfaces. Hand-painted metallic finishes and neon lights lent a touch of modernity to the vignettes. Design: In-house team. Photography: Andrew Mereditz, London.
  2. Bromwell’s, Cincinnati – “Making Spirits Bright”: As Bromwell’s approaches its 200th anniversary, designers looked for new and unique ways to reference the company’s past, yet remain committed to relevant and current merchandise trends. The “steam-punk” Victorian mechanics fit its 1819 founding year well, yet capitalized on current trends in interior design and decor. All of the hardware and mechanics were found in-house in the store’s 100-year-old building, lending authenticity to the display. Design: Brent Hodge, director, merchandising and creative. Photography: Brent Hodge & Evan Mauntel, Cincinnati.
  3. Holt Renfrew, Toronto – “Christmas Imagined by Holts”: This holiday season, Holt Renfrew transformed into a magical fantasy full of whimsy and awe. Customers entered a world of pure luxury and luster where everything was larger than life. Designers wanted this year’s Christmas windows to feel modern and sophisticated. The oversized props draw on the insight that the best Christmas memories come from childhood, when you’re young and the magnitude of Christmas seems so large and grand. Design: Tracey Peters, senior national visual manager; Terran McNeely, national visual; Susanne Shaw, senior visual manager, Holt Renfrew. Photography: Courtesy of Holt Renfrew, Toronto.
  4. Nordstrom, Seattle – “Nordstrom Holiday 2016”: Window designers wanted to celebrate the company’s Scandinavian roots, which embrace a simple and modern approach. As always, they strove to capture the traditions of the holiday season and evoke a warm, modern and welcoming feeling. To do this, they utilized traditional elements like spinning Christmas pyramids, oversized Dala Horses, nutcrackers and snowmen. The display plays with scale by using oversized pinecones and graphic horses, and the windows showcase three to four mannequin looks, with large over-scaled snowflakes spinning on the back walls. Design: Marc Mowbray, visual merchandising holiday designer; Toni Forslund, national visual merchandising director, Nordstrom. Photography: Toni Forslund, Seattle.
  5. Patek Phillip, London – “The Tune of Christmas”: The shop’s six windows contain 8000 hand-made elements, including snowflakes, Calatrava cross, paper ball and Swarovski strass glued onto a piano wire, painted in a chocolate color and placed on a support covered with alcantara fabric. Two kilometers of piano wire were used to realize the windows. The facade decoration is made of 70 sheets of snowflakes and 600 stars all placed by hand directly on the facade. A team of 7 people worked for a one-and-a-half months to create the windows. Design and photography: Merchanfeeling, London.
  6. Woodstock Market, Acworth, Ga. – “The Nutcracker Prince – A Christmas Dream”: This window’s theme depicts the classic Christmas story, “The Nutcracker Prince,” and was inspired by how a simple child-like faith can help us overcome the most challenging obstacles. On the way into the store, designers attached luan wood panels to the foyer walls and asked customers to share their Christmas dreams by writing them on the walls. “It was a very difficult year for many of our dealers, staff and customers. We simply wanted to remind people to cling to their dreams – to hold onto hope, regardless of the obstacles they face,” said one of the designers. Design: Karen Bennett, lead designer and co-owner; Cecile Steinway, lead painter; Angie Prosser, lead sculptor; Lisa Welty, design assistant, Woodstock Market. Photography: Karen Bennett, Acworth, Ga.

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