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Levi’s Opens Shop-in-Shop at Hudson’s Bay

The main attraction is a Tailor Shop where shoppers can customize jeans for an exact fit




Courtesy of Levi’s

Levi’s (San Francisco) has opened a shop-in-shop at Hudson’s Bay (Brampton, Ontario) in downtown Vancouver, a 6600-square-foot space that offers product tailoring, tech-enabled fitting rooms and a larger product assortment.

A Tailor Shop is positioned at the center of the space and allows shoppers to request adjustments to achieve a precise fit, such as cropping a hem, tapering the leg or modifying the waist.

Levi’s says it digitized its fitting rooms to help shoppers more seamlessly interact with floor staff. Inside the fitting room, customers can press a button to summon a stylist and request an alternative style or fit, as well as certain accessories (like heels or a belt) to help visualize a complete look.

The brand says the shop-in-shop bears a modern design aesthetic, integrating digital displays with black enameled fixtures and an illuminated mannequin runway.


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