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120 Foot Video Wall in a Retail Store!



120 Foot Video Wall in a Retail Store!


KicksUSA understands the importance of the retail experience and is showing what that means with a spectacular 120-foot LED video wall in its new Jamaica Queens store. 


The innovative Philadelphia based shoe retailer tapped Float Hybrid to create stunning 12k video content to amaze customers and drive foot traffic. The video wall can be seen down the street on the high trafficked Jamaica Avenue in Queens, New York and is continuously updated with fresh, consumer centric content.



“Retail stores can no longer be boiled down to a P&L,” says Keith Bendes, VP Marketing & Partnerships at Float. “They are one of the only places you can fully control the brand experience and can be incrementally more effective than OOH and digital tactics when executed correctly.”


The video wall from KicksUSA represents a larger trend in the retail industry toward brand experiences. Brands want to create interactive spaces for consumers to engage with their products, establishing a deeper emotion connection to their brand.


St. Ives and Magnum are great examples of this. The two brands under the Unilever parent company launched pop up retail experiences in New York City to mass fanfare. The St. Ives Mixing Bar and Magnum Pleasure stores deconstructed and personalized the brands products in a theatrical and instagrammable way.



Samsung takes this experiential concept even further with Samsung 837, a “store” in New York where shoppers can experience Samsung products but are not able to purchase anything. Virtual reality films, tech art installations, social media photobooths and large scale video walls have all been on display in the space.


The key to creating these successful retail experiences is ensuring the experience is on brand and hyper focused on the target consumer. KicksUSA uses their 120-foot video wall to deliver stunning graphics of shoes, lifestyle imagery, live social feeds, brand videos, launch announcements and more. The Company understands that it is not just a shoe retailer, but a lifestyle brand that must connect with its consumers on their shared likes and interests.  


The duo of KicksUSA and Float claim to have more tricks up their sleeve for interactive retail experiences, including a soon to be released Skeletal Tracking Endless Runner Game. Stay tuned as the partners continue to redefine the role of the retail store.




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