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2024 Designer Dozen: Vira Rublevska




2024 Designer Dozen: Vira Rublevska
Vira Rublevska
Head of Creative, TSUM Kyiv
Age: 34

Favorite Sport: Aerial Gymnastics
Favorite Outside-of-Work Activity: Drawing, walking in nature or traveling


As the Head of Creative for TSUM Kyiv, Vira focuses on window display designs and overseeing their creation. She’s also responsible for decorating seasonal pop-ups and capsule collections and designing any VM elements on the façade and central entrance. With TSUM Kyiv in the heart of Ukraine’s capital, it’s a focal point that sets the trends through its window displays for nearby small businesses and shops.

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has added an additional layer of challenges for Vira’s designs, however. “For almost two years during the war, we’ve been consistently decorating windows to bring beauty to people, introduce them to traditions and collaborate with contemporary artists,” she says. “Each project is unique, facing constraints like a season during a city blackout (meaning no electricity), and it must be highly relevant to the ongoing circumstances.”

2024 Designer Dozen: Vira Rublevska📷 Courtesy of Tsum Kyiv

Describe your background.

Since childhood, I dreamed of pursuing a creative profession, but circumstances led me down a different path. I obtained a technical engineering education and worked in the field for a long time at a telecommunications company. However, upon arriving in the U.S., I began to explore my artistic side and eventually connected with the director of a studio specializing in creating decor for window displays of well-known brands during art exhibitions. Upon returning to Ukraine, I found myself unable to veer away from this newfound path. Surprisingly, my technical education has proven to be an asset, providing me with a deeper understanding of production details and organizational aspects. I have worked both on the production side within a creative agency and, currently, I am employed at the most fashionable department store in the country.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The uniqueness. There will never be an identical project – even when using the same materials. Light, colors, space and theme all vary in each undertaking. The fact that this work combines at least three professions – designer, engineer, manager – ensures that it is never dull.


Describe some of your outside-of-work initiatives.

Currently, I’m involved in a small volunteer project where I paint casings from [used] military shells provided by soldiers. I incorporate national motifs and ornaments, dedicating time to study and immerse myself in this theme. Perhaps, one day, I’ll integrate this style into my window displays.

What experience or specific interest has shaped you as a designer?

I’ve always loved drawing and learning – those are my two favorite activities. It’s these pursuits that allowed me to completely change my profession and develop my own design perspective.

My favorite thing to do when I leave the office is…

…to walk the city streets.

If I had a completely unlimited budget for a project, I would…

…create a façade decoration with VR effects.

I find (design) inspiration in…

…nature and other artists.





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