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Brandimage designed the VIP lounge for the Daegu Shinsegae department store in South Korea



Brandimage, a leading global consultancy of brand equity architects and designers, announced that it had been commissioned by the Shinsegae group to create the interior design for the VIP lounge of its brand new Daegu department store.


With more than 103,000 square meters of operating space, Shinsegae department store combines shopping, leisure and culture. In addition to the traditional shopping areas, Daegu Shinsegae has a rooftop aquarium, indoor and outdoor mini theme parks, an art gallery and a concert hall.


A relaxing break inside the frenzy of a shopping center

Accessible to its most loyal customers, the lounge offers a relaxation area where VIP clients can take a rest or enjoy refreshments before continuing their shopping. With a total surface of 265m2, the lounge is comprised of a reception desk, the lounge area with 80 seats and a space dedicated for children.



Inspired from nature

When creating the concept, Brandimage drew inspiration from nature to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. This is expressed by the use of wood on all wall panels, bringing a warm ambience to the space. To further convey this perception of nature in a modern and sophisticated manner, Brandimage designed an organic and floral decor, with luminous perforations in the wall panels. The design team chose subdued tones for finishes and materials, combining modernity, elegance and naturalness.


Acting as a common thread for the different spaces, the pattern made by the luminous coves of the ceiling enhances the natural smoothness of the ensemble and adds to the soothing and relaxing atmosphere of the venue.



Luxury and modernity in respect to the Asian codes of luxury

To assert the luxury and modernity of this VIP lounge, furniture was selected from renowned designers. Brandimage imagined a modern and powerful concept, coherent with Daegu’s department mall overall design and in accordance with Asian codes of luxury.



Shinsegae is a South Korean department store franchise, along with several other businesses, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Shinsegae corporation have various affiliates such as department store, hotel, major supermarket, duty free stores, food and beverage business, and so on.  Above all, Shinsegae department store has several branches throughout Korea and it is known to be most luxurious and authentic department store in major cities of Korea.




Brandimage is a global consultancy of brand equity architects and designers. Brandimage creates brands that drive brand performance. Brandimage is part of the brand development group of SGK. SGK is part of Matthews International Corporation (NASDAQ GSM: MATW). For more information visit:


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