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Hosiery retailer Caffarena (Santiago, Chile) was having an identity crisis. The company's chain of stores didn't have a consistent store design to help customers identify with the 83-year-old brand, whether they were shopping at its locations in North or Latin America. So it hired Droguett A&A (Santiago, Chile) to create a new identity that would unify its stores while reinvigorating the company, which sells lingerie, panty hose, socks, bras and underwear.

Designers began by taking the company's signature logo and white and red corporate colors and using them to create a vibrant store environment. A dramatic red ceiling runs down the center of the 1560-square-foot space. Toward the back, the ceiling dips down to a second level to house the company logo. An open glass façade provides unobstructed views inside, while bars of lighting inset into the ceiling further attract shoppers' attention.

To contrast with the ceiling, the store's perimeter walls were painted white with beech-colored wood framing displays inset into the walls. Large-scale photographs of models and products are placed above each display to identify product offerings. A wall of clear acrylic boxes displays hosiery in an orderly fashion, while lingerie items hang from custom bar fixtures.

The new color scheme is carried onto the sales floor where white laminate, acrylic red and beech-colored fixturing is used to house products and accessories.

Client: Caffarena Stores, Santiago, Chile


Design: Droguett A&A Ltda., Santiago, Chile

General Contractor: Noriega & Ricalde Ltda., Santiago, Chile

Audio/Visual: Electro Gaminet, Santiago, Chile

Ceilings, Wallcoverings and Materials: Noriega & Ricalde Ltda., Santiago, Chile

Fixtures, Furniture: Muebles Inventio, Santiago, Chile

Flooring: Budnik, Santiago, Chile


Lighting: Emegesa, Santiago, Chile

Mannequins/Forms: Espacio Comercial, Santiago, Chile

Props and Decoratives: 180 grados, Santiago, Chile

Signage/Graphics: Estudio 3161, Santiago, Chile

Photography: Marcos Mendizábal, Santiago, Chile




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