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Episode 16: Winston Fisher

A Journey Space For Imagination with Winston Fisher CEO Area15




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Area15 is a 200,000 square foot experience place that combines retail, F&B, a music venue, immersive digital playground and art that rivals Burning Man, all just seven minutes off the Vegas strip. Winston Fisher the CEO and the author of “The Opportunity Agenda” talks with host David Kepron about the rethinking of brand experience peacemaking to create a platform for engaging an emerging cohort of consumers looking for something new and innovative.


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If you’ve been to Las Vegas you’d think that everything happens on the strip.

Vegas is the gambling and entertainment meca of the US (maybe the world). With all of its glitz, showgirls, music and magic acts, hotels created to look like they were plucked from Venice or Paris or just some other planet, it would be easy to say that the strip is were its at.

But if you care to venture off the strip, you could go to say Hover dam an engineering marvel or maybe to Area 51 and try to get a glimpse of alien craft or some other secret military activity.

But then you cold go not so far to Area15 a new NEXT-Gen Experiential mall that opened this past fall. Trust me thought Area 15 and Area 51 are indeed curiosities worth seeing if you are into something new.

Developer Winston Fisher and a team of highly creative designers, architects, chefs, retailers, and digital experience makers transformed a 200,000 square foot lot into a playground that melds great restaurants -including a venue by Todd English, digital experiences, retail, performance spaces, a bar under a 23 foot high Japanese maple tree with dazzling LED lights woven into the canopy.


You can zip line through ceiling space overlooking the facility and book the venue for your own events. This place is magical and simply fun in a way that we have not often seen before.

Massive art installations are reminiscent of Burning Man and there are shows with performance artists that rival the strip. This, you could say, is the re-making of the mall experience. At Area15, retail is not dead, as is often said, it is very much alive in a whole new way.

Winston Fisher, the CEO of Area 15, joins us today to talk about a new approach to story telling in a space that is a cross over from traditional… anything. This just may be the beginning of the re-definition of place making for a cohort of emerging shoppers whose expectations about what branded relationships are all about have shifted.

Welcome Winston…





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