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FLEXMIRROR Makes Pivot into Contract Market with Low-Profile, Cost-Effective Alternative to Glass

Known the world over for its dramatic temporary art installations in exhibitions, museums, theater productions, trade fairs, and retail stores, FLEXMIRROR is officially expanding into the commercial architecture and design market.




Coquitlam, BC – January 23, 2024 – Known the world over for its dramatic temporary art installations in exhibitions, museums, theater productions, trade fairs, and retail stores, FLEXMIRROR®is officially expanding into the commercial architecture and design market.FLEXMIRROR has become synonymous with the largest, most transparent, brilliant, and distortion-free mirror image in the world. The company is now poised and ready to strategically partner with customers in the workplace, public space, hospitality, leisure, sports, and healthcare sectors to create mesmerizing experiences forend users that reflect the spaces they inhabit.

As the world’s only manufacturer of foil mirrors with production facilities in 16 countries, FLEXMIRROR is an international, cost-effective, and low-profile alternative to glass for a specification in a wide array of contract spaces.

“Mirrors have been our ultimate fascination,” explained Oliver Reif, CEO and owner of FLEXMIRROR. “When a company focuses its energy and innovation on one kind of architectural detail, the difference is clear. Our top priority is to not only maintain our high standards but to continuously refine them to meet the demands for quality – both from our clients and from ourselves.”

Reflective finishes are among the few architectural details within the built environment that can instantly create a new sense of space that is both larger and brighter. With minimal weight, brilliance, indestructibility, and optimized manufacturing, FLEXMIRROR’s reflective products provide a range of applications that would not be possible with conventional mirrors. In addition to enhancing other interior design elements within its surrounding space, the mirrors themselves can either take a backseat or become the pièce de résistance.

“FLEXMIRROR is not one-size-fits-all, and because of that, we really thrive on helping clients find the ideal solution for their project,” Reif added. “We believe in empowering them to create spaces that are reflective of their values, use-case scenarios, aesthetics, and other goals.”

FLEXMIRROR Makes Pivot into Contract Market with Low-Profile,  Cost-Effective Alternative to Glass


The flexibility of specification and ease in installation for FLEXMIRROR outshine its closest competitors. With almost limitless possibilities, FLEXMIRROR is endlessly versatile. The company is known for its high clarity and distortion-free reflection made possible by its proprietary mirror foil that is neither glass nor metal. Compared to traditional rigid mirror finishes, FLEXMIRROR products are approximately 92% lighter in weight than a 5mm glass mirror.

FLEXMIRROR is composed of a self-supporting aluminum frame covered with a 0.03 mm-thick mirror film. A concealed hollow-core frame construction allows for invisible fastening and enormous, large-scale mirrored areas to be achieved with virtually no visible subdivision or seaming. Each mirrored piece is manufactured to the customer’s specifications in any conceivable shape and size, ensuring a custom fit that can easily accommodate on-site cutouts for sprinklers, lighting, HVAC, and other integrated building systems.

“Whatever a project requires, we are ready to support clients in every phase of the planning process and assist in any way that we can,” Reif noted. “Our many years of experience and the excellent properties of our products allow us to implement even the most complex and ambitious installations.”
The manufacturer’s largest one-piece mirror to date was fabricated for an exhibition at the National Gallery in Berlin, measuring more than 121 feet in length and almost 10 feet in width. Other notable projects include installations at the Long Museum (Shanghai), Louis Vuitton Foundation (Paris), Museum of Modern Art (New York), Samsung Museum of Art (Seoul), and the Tate Modern (London).

In addition to important considerations around design, installation and cost, specifying FLEXMIRROR over other products can present a more sustainable reflective solution for commercial spaces. The company’s worldwide network of production facilities and the ability for products to be fabricated on-site help cut down on the transportation-related pollution that results from sending products and installation staff around the world.

Additionally, portions of some temporary installations can be re-tooled into smaller installations, further extending the life of FLEXMIRROR products and the investment of time and money. At the end of its useful product lifecycle, the mirror foil and aluminum underpinnings of FLEXMIRROR products are fully recyclable, further decreasing the overall environmental impact.

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About FLEXMIRROR: As the planet’s only manufacturer of foil mirrors with 16 production facilities worldwide, FLEXMIRROR provides flexible and cost-effective reflective solutions for almost any mirror requirement, with the ability to be shipped anywhere, anytime. Learn more at

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