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Bergmeyer and SMS Collaborative Join Forces to Launch New Retailer-Focused Sustainability Consultancy: Bergmeyer+

Focusing Initially on Retail Store Fixtures, Bergmeyer+ Aims to Benchmark, Evaluate and Optimize Carbon, Chemistry, and Circularity for Retail Brands’ Store Fixture Programs




(PRESS RELEASE) BOSTON, MA — Bergmeyer, the award-winning design collaborative with offices in Boston, Columbus, and Los Angeles, in partnership with the renowned team of strategical and technical experts in material sustainability at the Sustainability Management & Strategy Collaborative (SMSC), announces the expansion of its powerhouse design offering with the launch of its new retailer-focused sustainability consultancy, Bergmeyer+.

Bergmeyer+ begins at the most fundamental level, helping retailers align their overarching purpose and mission with their store design sustainability goals. Bergmeyer+ benchmarks and evaluates the three big “C’s” – carbon, chemistry (toxicity), and circularity (waste) of current Store Fixture programs for retail brands based on information provided by the client, the client’s fixture vendors, all the way down to the vendors’ raw materials suppliers, providing retailers with recommendations and a roadmap for optimizing climate-positive change that aligns with their corporate sustainability and ESG goals.

The Bergmeyer+ team will work with retail partners to provide a comprehensive sustainability goal rubric for fixtures, a fixture supply chain comparative evaluation, and an overview of benchmarking results that will help lay the groundwork to create a sustainability assessment and implementation roadmap to meet the established corporate sustainability goals.

“I was astonished when we first dug into the retail fixture market and understood the breadth and width of its impacts. Retailers everywhere are looking to make a shift towards sustainability — but they’re often missing this huge piece of the puzzle, said Annie Bevan, CEO & founder of SMS collaborative. “That’s what makes this partnership with Bergmeyer so exciting because we have this huge opportunity to come together to support companies seeking a clearer path to meet their toxicity, carbon, and circularity goals in collaboration with their fixture suppliers.”

As shoppers continue to prioritize purpose as a driving factor for their purchasing decisions, the growing emphasis on environment and health means retailers face mounting scrutiny over their impact on ecosystems and climate change. And although industry-led sustainability commitments are widespread, there is limited innovation focused on store fixtures and the in-store environment despite the US Retail Store Fixture Industry reaching an estimated $8.6 billion in revenue in 2023 alone (according to a 2023 report from IBISWorld).

With most of the innovation concentrated on the product level within the retail market, Bergmeyer+ aims to go beyond the retail industry’s standard sustainability practices by focusing not only on product and packaging, but more importantly the very shelves they sit on. While the industry may have many lofty corporate sustainable goals in place, existing practices are falling woefully short of those goals, and typically leave out large components of the store elements like store fixtures, visual merchandising, and marketing tangibles.


“We started Bergmeyer+ for the very simple reason that there seemed to be a gap,” said Bergmeyer Principal Christian Davies. “In terms of agreed standard terms, in terms of go to resources most of all in terms of an overarching industry strategy towards a greener future.”

To learn more about Bergmeyer+ and its offerings visit here.


Bergmeyer is a multi-disciplinary Design Collaborative of architects, interior designers, graphic designers, and brand strategists; inspired through partnership, thoughtfully creative; driven by curiosity and boldness to fulfill the potential of each relationship. Implicitly trusting of its people and process; Bergmeyer celebrates a culture of inclusion and connection to a shared purpose. Bergmeyer’s approach to design is empowering and ego-free, forming proactive partnerships with its clients and project teams to create a shared sense of ownership throughout the entire creative process. Bergmeyer designs for its clients’ clients, the people whose lives and experiences are enhanced by its work. Challenging its teams to focus first on understanding the end user – the customers, students, employees, visitors, and residents – while delivering on its clients’ vision and return on investment. Bergmeyer has offices in Boston, Los Angeles, and Columbus.

For more information on Bergmeyer please visit


The Sustainability Management and Strategy Collaborative (SMSC) is a team of sustainability experts focused on impact within the built environment and life science industries. By becoming an integrated member of your company — our team will help you navigate the market, implement meaningful solutions and leverage that work to drive value. SMSC was founded to facilitate radical cooperation between companies and visionary organizations in order to accelerate sustainable transformation of markets and industries. SMSC believes that as individuals we will fall short of meeting the challenge of sustainability because the challenges and solutions are too complex and connected. That’s why we leverage the expertise of our full team and industry partners, for every client. Together, there is no limit to what we can take on.




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