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Greg Katz Not Involved in New Venture

Previous item, saying he left Manhattan Store Interiors for joint llc, is denied



Greg Katz, who was identified in a June 11 news item as coo of the new joint llc fixture manufacturing company, has denied the information, which also said he was “formerly with Manhattan Store Interiors (Brooklyn, N.Y.).” The information had been provided to VM+SD in a news release by the new company.

In a statement, Katz said, “Greg Katz hereby retracts the statements made about him and about Manhattan Store Interiors Inc. in the article published [on] on Wednesday, June 11, 2003, titled 'Dan Evans in New Venture — joint llc is a fixture manufacturing startup.' Katz hereby announces that he is not the chief operating officer of joint llc and is not currently engaged in any business endeavor with either Jim Shier, Harry Shier or Dan Evans, nor does he ever intend any involvement with any of these individuals. Katz has been and remains an executive officer of Manhattan Store Interiors Inc.”



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