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International mannequin designer and producer Hans Boodt Mannequins is on a mission to constantly take the extraordinary world of fashion a stylish step further. At this year’s EuroShop in Düsseldorf they will do that once again. They are unveiling an entirely new range of mannequins on their striking, purpose-designed stand. According to Marco Ouwerkerk, CEO and owner at Hans Boodt, “We’re very excited about attending EuroShop this year. With our new range of mannequins, visitors should expect the unexpected!”

Introducing the Premium label

The new Premium label has been specially designed for high fashion clients who are looking for mannequins that match their own exclusive brand characteristics. Hans Boodt’s Collection label mannequins will be shown alongside the company’s brand new range. Together, the two ranges are designed to appeal to a wide range of buyers from casual fashion to high end couture for both large retail chains and individual retailers. The Collection label is well established in the market giving retailers distinctive mannequins with a sense of urban cool.

It’s all about customization!

“The look and feel of this year’s Euroshop stand is inspired by the different materials used around the globe which are translated in amazingly different ways. This is also reflected in the textures, lines and characters of the customized mannequins we produce,” says Marco.


Hans Boodt mannequins focuses on current trends. Not only in fashion and architecture, but also interior design, movies and the media. They invite you into a world where soft and rich materials such as velvet and brass give a surprising twist to the contrasting hard and cold textures like glass and marble.

Creating characters

At Hans Boodt, mannequins are ‘made to measure’ to fit customers’ brands perfectly. 80% of their business is creating one-off, custom-designed mannequins for customers from scratch. Using the latest 3D modelling and printing techniques they can create virtually any type of mannequin or model with the highest attention to detail. Thanks to these modern techniques, turnaround times are short and costs are minimized. Endless possibilities.

All Hans Boodt mannequins share the same unique DNA: innovative, creative, Dutch, rebellious and young. The company’s vision is to use innovation and inspiration to be the authority in the shop window mannequin world. Their mission is to be the most desired ‘made to measure’ mannequin company in the fashion world. Not by simply creating mannequins but by creating characters.

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