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H&M, Disney and Trevor Andrew Team on In-Store Art Display

Installation at H&M Williamsburg evokes visit to artist’s studio




Photography: Courtesy of H&M

H&M (Stockholm) is celebrating Disney’s 100th anniversary with the upcoming release of Disney100 x H&M, a streetwear-inspired collection by artist Trevor Andrew. That collection, featuring Disney’s characters reimagined, is being shown off at an immersive art Installation at H&M’s new store in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood.

“I am honored to reimagine Disney’s iconic characters and bring them into a space where they are experienced and worn as triple collab collection with H&M. This is about uniting art, fashion and just all of us,” says Andrew, a former professional snowboarder turned multi-disciplinary artist and a life-long admirer of Disney.

As part of the celebration, H&M Williamsburg and Disney have curated a unique art installation designed by Andrew designed to transport shoppers into his creative world. The space includes such features as an all-over Disney printed wall and a reupholstered couch with a Disney twist.

Inspired by Andrew’s love of Disney and street art culture, the clothing collection boasts several Disney characters, all-over prints, and Andrew’s signature symbols, such as the ghost and the flying egg. The collection also features an all-denim look with the Disney logo.

Beyond clothing, the collection includes limited-edition skateboards in two styles: one with wordmark Disney logo hand painted by Andrew, and the other with famed Disney characters.

“I’m really excited to release our first three-way collaboration,” says Ross Lydon, Head of Menswear Design at H&M. “Diving into the Disney archives together with Trevor has resulted in something that is both iconic and unique.”


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