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The Mobile Lounge

ISP/VM+SD Store Design Competition Winner



The Mobile Lounge offers high-tech products in an Internet café environment. Customers can relax in the lounge or use individual touchscreen stations to download ringtones, music and games; burn CDs; or surf the Internet. Four synchronized LCD monitors – one at each corner – display branded videos, promotional offers, and manufacturer commercials.

And an interactive device lets customers test-drive featured products. When a product is lifted from its pedestal, a sensor triggers the overhead monitor to break from the loop and deliver a short module with product features. Based on positive results, 30 more stores or kiosks are planned nationwide.

Client: Lifestyle Ventures LLC, New York

Architect and Design: EWI Worldwide, Livonia, Mich. — Sandor Koteles, creative director; David Urbiel, designer


Outside Design Consultants: Lifestyle Ventures LLC, New York (graphics and design concept)

Flooring: Kährs International, Inc., Altamonte Springs, Fla.

Furniture: Jaymar, Terrebonne, Quebec

Laminate: Arpa Industriale S.P.A., Via Piumati, Italy

Lighting: Juno Lighting Group, Des Plaines, Ill.

Merchandising: Marlite, Dover, Ohio; Vanguard Products Group, Oldsmar, Fla.


Signage and Grid Ceiling: Townsend Neon, Rockwood, Mich.

Photography: Laszlo Regos Photography Inc., Berkley, Mich.




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