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2021 Retail Renovation Competition – First Place: “El Palacio De Hierro, Santa Fe”

Redesigned department store aims to engage the shopper at every turn



Renovation: Department Store

Submitted by: TPG Architecture, New York

Scope of work: Continue the location’s evolution from traditional department store to a targeted destination for luxury goods and services. That process began in 2018, when the ground floor was renovated to anchor the brand’s “wellness” store design concept, and a new fourth floor was created to serve as the center for gourmet food, home goods and a Terraza dining area. In this final phase of the project, the design team from TPG Architecture (New York) worked on the middle three levels and the central atrium.

2021 Retail Renovation Competition – First Place: “El Palacio De Hierro, Santa Fe”


Unique challenges: From an architectural standpoint, the designers were working with the shell of the older, 1980s-era store, which had low slab height. “We needed to find ways to create a greater sense of spatial awareness and depth,” said says Alec Zaballero, Managing Executive at TPG, who has worked on several of the brand’s locales over the years. “We achieved this by adding in many textural and sculptural elements that can be found along the walls and ceilings.

“Additionally, to help unite the floors, we created a central atrium filled with eye-catching design features and technology integration to draw the attention of guests traversing between levels.”

2021 Retail Renovation Competition – First Place: “El Palacio De Hierro, Santa Fe”


What sets this project apart: In terms of store planning, the new design of the Santa Fe department store seeks to engage with shoppers at every turn. “For example, the store is filled with organic, curved shapes and pathways that encourage exploration,” says Zaballero. “The atrium serves as a very deliberate way to connect the departments.”

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