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Anand Sweets, New Delhi, India

Its newest locale delivers a sensory experience thoughtfully designed to delight its young, urban clientele. 




CONCEPTUALIZED AS A young, chic and vibrant space for local professionals to indulge their palates, Anand Sweets delivers a gourmet experience to New Delhi’s Whitefield neighborhood. Its contemporary interior and luxe elements make a strong statement in an area becoming known for its café culture and upmarket residential complexes.

Designed by Ravish Mehra Deepak Kalra (RMDK, New Delhi), the 4800-square-foot boutique and restaurant is visually vibrant with a medley of modern colors and textures. The entrance is framed by a metal and glass arch with accent lighting, and guests are greeted by a living wall framed in marble and backlit, golden-toned signage. Inside, a zig-zag black and white checkered floor is reflected in a quirky, multi-colored mirror fixture incorporated into a display that offers a different view depending on where a guest is standing.

“The millennial temptation for both food and the experience around it is intense and passionate. The food culture here is offbeat,” says Dhruva Kalra, project lead and Partner at RMDK. “The space’s loud dramatic palette falls in line with the zest of the local late-night groups.”

Wooden ceiling panels flanked by a series of minimal, curvilinear skeleton-like arches visually guide the customer to the white marble-textured counter accented by a golden striped wall and floating counters. An array of sweets and treats are available to be enjoyed on site or packaged for later.

Modern furniture, minimal geometric wall displays, sleek gold metal finishes and sumptuous chandeliers invite guests to soak in the visual feast, and as customers move further into the space, the high contrast design language subtly transforms to a more relaxed, warm and comfortable ambience – the ideal respite from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding neighborhood.

The main dining area is designed in neutral shades that are highlighted with natural wood textures and a patterned wall, as well as intricate, colorful floor tiles that create a visual border around the space. Reinterpreted in an artful yet playful way, the tile pattern and vibrant graphic posters surrounding the section reference Old Delhi’s open-air markets and eateries.

“[Our customers’] tastes are drawn toward signature statements that are exclusive to them,” explains Kalra. “Anand Sweets redefines Indian contemporary dining by including the human experience into the design, creating an elegant, interactive space that stands out with a unique voice.”

From the clever illusion of the checkered floor to the symphony of colors, materials and patterns throughout, Anand Sweets’ newest locale delivers a sensory experience thoughtfully designed to delight its young, urban clientele.


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