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Primark Shoppers Literally Stripping Off in Store to Try on Clothes

When employees ask them not to, they don’t listen.




Credit: @EconomyBeyond on Twitter

A case study in brand loyalty is unfolding across the pond, where the Primark fashion retailer has its customers stripping down to try on its clothes, Bristol Live reports.

It’s the curious — or hilarious, or dumb or sad — side effect of Primark having closed its changing rooms, a common practice in the retail industry since the pandemic hit.

Though the retailer is telling people to not try on its products inside the store, customers simply don’t care.

The article quotes one Primark employee: “They take their shirts off and try things on near the mirrors. … Even when you try to tell them, they don’t listen, even though there are signs on the mirror saying not to do that.”

Now if that’s not brand loyalty, then nothing is.

Read more at Bristol Live.


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