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Shein Opens Home and Gifting Pop-Up

Six-room space is in Forever 21’s Times Square store




Photography: Courtesy of Shein

Shein (Singapore) has opened the doors of its “Home for the Holidays” immersive experience inside the Forever 21 store in New York’s Times Square. The six-room space featuring items from the brand’s home and gifting categories is the latest event in the collaboration between Shein and Forever 21, announced last month.

“Our hope is that as customers explore each room in the space, they will see that Shein is the go-to marketplace for all lifestyle products and their one-stop shop for gifts this holiday season,” said George Chiao, the brand’s U.S. President.

Shein’s “Home for the Holidays” features six distinct rooms, each highlighting a unique aesthetic ranging from California casual to eclectic design and glam luxury, showcasing a vast selection of products. As customers navigate the space, they can engage in an interactive game to receive a score that correlates with winning various levels of gift cards. Additionally, they can capture social media-worthy moments, scan QR codes to place orders, partake in complimentary treats and receive custom tote bags.

The space is open Nov. 10-12.

Shein is a fast-growing global online fashion and lifestyle retailer. It has come under fire from some quarters over allegations over such issues as copyright infringement and poor conditions for its workers, assertions the company has denied.


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