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This is Planet Earth

Outdoor brand Timberland rolls out a purpose-led retail space that speaks to its commitment to a greener future.




THE IDEALS OF a purpose-driven brand are nothing new to Timberland (Stratham, N.H.), which for nearly 100 years has dedicated itself to fostering a love of nature and the outdoors as well as advocacy of global green initiatives. Recently, the retailer announced a commitment to plant 50 million trees around the world by the year 2025 to kick off its “Nature Needs Heroes” global campaign.

In conjunction with that pledge, the brand also undertook an effort to better align the retail experience in its physical stores with this mission by creating a purpose-driven space. The first of three purpose-led stores opened last fall on London’s famous Carnaby Street, followed by locations in New York’s Queens and King of Prussia, Pa., in the U.S. These three stores will serve as the inspiration for new store environments moving forward.

At 2594 square feet, the Carnaby Street store expresses its dedication to urban greening with living trees, a full height living green wall and the use of various biophilic elements throughout the space. The greenery not only brings a piece of nature to the city, it also creates an immersive experience for the shopper, encouraging them to explore and interact.

CSR pillars tell the sustainability story, educating consumers about the recycled materials and environmentally sensitive technologies used in the production of Timberland products. Full-height LED digital screens (more energy efficient than LCDs) speak to the Nature Needs Heroes manifesto and share IRL examples of real people making real change. Even the mannequins are made from recycled materials from industrial leftovers and bioresin.

“We are calling on real people, real heroes to make a difference every day to create real change,” says Bevan Bloemendaal, VP Global Environments, Timberland. “We tell their stories throughout the brand retail experience in varying mediums, whether that is through the CSR columns that celebrate our tree planting efforts or the vitrines in our community tables that bring them to life.”

Interactive elements include a central community table to teach shoppers about small, tangible actions they can take to make a difference, along with a Design Your Own station that invites visitors to create a personalized version of the most iconic Timberland styles.

As consumers emerge from the lockdown phase of the global pandemic and begin to seek out brands they trust and places where they can feel safe, Timberland’s store design direction is clearly positioned to accommodate this “new normal.”


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