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Healthy Spot, Culver City, Calif.

PORTFOLIO: Healthy Spot’s spa and salon was given a more prominent, glass-walled home, ensuring its certified groomers and stylists are on full display




PET HEALTH AND WELLNESS were paramount to Andrew Kim and Mark Boonnark who co-founded their company Healthy Spot in 2008. Since then, they’ve continued to expand their offering of natural, full-service pet stores across California. Yet there was still an opportunity to dive deeper – to tell the brand story and emphasize the company’s core values within the Healthy Spot store environment.

“Customers should feel like it is more than a store of pet food – it is a resource for learning about their dog,” says Sabrina Fan, Managing Principal at Los Angeles-based strategy and design firm Shook Kelley, which conceptualized a fresh design for three of Healthy Spot’s newest locations, including the more than 2000-square-foot Culver City, Calif., store. “[It’s] a destination for curated pet lifestyle goods that fit your taste, and a trusted provider of clean living and wellness for pets.”

Healthy Spot, Culver City, Calif. ABOVE: Blues, oranges and purples complement the brand’s green hue.

Existing locations had been awash in the retailer’s signature green color. Shook Kelley broadened the palette for the new stores, incorporating orange, shades of blue, pops of purple and additional tints to the brand’s standard green to better define areas and create mini experiences. Those zones, according to Fan, reflect the different mindset a shopper has when buying food versus toys or seeking grooming versus daycare. Darker tones of wood were swapped for lighter, more modern birch. The birch slats along the main soffit provide space to spotlight the brand’s key values.

Healthy Spot’s spa and salon, formerly in a room with an entrance that Fan describes as an “less than obvious,” was given a more prominent, glass-walled home, ensuring its certified groomers and stylists are on full display.

Healthy Spot, Culver City, Calif. 📷 Lawrence Anderson Studio


“Many customers didn’t realize the brand offered grooming, let alone a high-quality spa experience where the groomers take their time making sure your pet receives personal care and attention,” Fan says.

For even more wellness emphasis, the small-dog daycare area was refreshed as a puppy playground, where furry friends are encouraged to exercise and socialize.

📷 Lawrence Anderson Studio




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